Buying and Selling on Bainbridge

Bainbridge Island is one of the most nuanced luxury markets in the Pacific Northwest, with nearly 25,000 residents interspersed among 40 distinct neighborhoods. This bucolic island is a magnet for relocation with high-end homes and an active real estate market. Anyone buying or selling Bainbridge Island property deserves the best service possible.

As your real estate agent, I am more than up to the challenge. Over the years, I’ve witnessed and orchestrated home purchases and sales for every type of property on Bainbridge Island. As a buyer, you usually find a healthy mix of older homes and new construction, some waterfront estates and others set back from the shore. Meanwhile, sellers I work with receive competitive offers comfortably above asking price.

In the years to come, historic Bainbridge Island will continue to stand out as a one-of-a-kind destination. Navigating its real estate market is no small task — but, as my clients attest, it can be enjoyable with the right agent! Read on for my perspective and insight into buying and selling homes on beautiful Bainbridge Island.

For buyers

Early in their home search, I recommend clients book a consultation with me. In just a few minutes, we can establish your priorities and narrow your search to certain home types and neighborhoods. Before you know it, the contours of your next house will take shape.

As of July 2023, I have access to 133 properties publicly listed on Bainbridge Island. The top dozen are mainly waterfront estates listed at $3.5 million and above. Of the 73 strictly residential properties, the median list price is about $1.5 million. For that price, you can typically buy a house with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and anywhere between 2,000 and 4,000 square feet.

Part of Bainbridge Island’s appeal is that much of the island remains undeveloped. As a buyer, investor, or developer, you can choose from dozens of (publicly listed) lots ranging in price from under $100,000 to the low seven figures. Similar opportunities exist elsewhere in Kitsap County and King County — get in touch ASAP for the latest intel.

For sellers

Once you’ve decided to sell a house on Bainbridge Island, your next crucial step is finding a well-connected professional who knows the local market inside and out.

The real estate market on Bainbridge Island is highly competitive. As your professional companion and fierce advocate, I will stop at nothing until your house is market-ready. My affiliation with Compass means you can take advantage of services like Compass Concierge, which fronts you the cost of home staging.

As a Compass agent, I have access to the latest data and can leverage it for your sale. Market data informs the marketing of your house at every phase, from setting the optimal listing price to negotiating with buyers for the best deal.

In the weeks leading up to your sale, I will maximize the perceived value of your home, leading to a highly profitable transaction. During the pre-listing process, we will tap into my network of service providers to ideally position your home on the market.

Selling a home is an involved process, but it doesn’t need to be cryptic. Clients know they can come to me anytime with questions, and I will take the initiative to keep you well-informed.

What sets Bainbridge Island apart

Out-of-town buyers are drawn to Bainbridge Island for various reasons — they frequently cite the place’s natural beauty, mild climate, and relaxed pace of life. If you’re relocating to the island, you probably want to know as much as you can about the lifestyles it can support.

And if you’re listing a house on Bainbridge, it pays to know the island’s selling points. Fortunately for sellers on Bainbridge, the island has a definite “wow” factor. The island is not densely populated, but its residential communities offer different lifestyles. Consider the following neighborhoods:

  • Battle Point: Situated along Bainbridge's western shores, a 90-acre park anchors this gorgeous community. Think forested hideaways and stately custom homes.

  • Crystal Springs: Residents are treated to views of the water and the Olympic Mountains. Think cottage homes amid dense woods.

  • Downtown Winslow: The primary entryway onto Bainbridge Island via ferry, Downtown Winslow is the island’s urban center, featuring a historic Main Street with museums, art galleries, and places to shop and dine.

  • Point Monroe: Also known as “The Spit,” this community has homes surrounded by water, a beach-town vibe, and unobstructed views of the Cascade Mountains.

  • Port Madison: Bainbridge's answer to the celebrated Cape Cod lifestyle, this is a boating enthusiast's dreamscape, with access to the placid waters of Port Madison Bay.
With so much variety, it pays to experience as much of Bainbridge Island as possible before deciding on a home — regardless of whether it's your primary address, second residence, or investment property. By working with me, you already have one foot on the ground.

Why Carii Clawson should represent you

As the Bainbridge Island realtor par excellence, my specialty is the acquisition and marketing of residential, luxury, and investment properties. We should work together if you’re selling a house or looking to buy in Bainbridge.

My detailed and strategic approach includes everything from the shine on your front door to the fine print in your title report. Whether buying or selling, our process will merge your goals with the latest analytics to achieve the best possible result. I have all the resources you need (including a network of contractors), and every step we take will have a clearly defined purpose.

I also enjoy the personal side of real estate. You can count on me for immediate access, timely responses to all your questions, and the initiative to keep you well-informed. For me, professionalism means impeccable, first-class service with fun and panache in equal measure.

Are you ready to ace your real estate transaction on Bainbridge Island? With me on your team, your next phase in life is closer than ever, whether moving to or from Bainbridge. Contact Carii today as the next step forward in your homeownership journey.

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