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Howard Feinstein

Howard Feinstein


After gaining invaluable experience and knowledge navigating his success in a shifting market, Howard joined Compass and The Carii Clawson Real Estate Team early 2022. Howard was the winner of the Real Estate Spirit Award for achieving outstanding sales goals while building impeccable customer service.

​​​​​​​Howard's approach to real estate has always been about the honor of being able to serve. His background in the Military and running businesses in the technology sector have proven to be invaluable in real estate.

It's easy to see Howard's success is due to his devotion to providing exceptional value to his clients. "I've got a lot of energy and relationships are of utmost importance to me," he explains. Howard's contagious enthusiasm, entrepreneurial style and ability to go the distance for his clients has created long lasting relationships that go far beyond any real estate transaction.

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